What you can do with Clotted Cream apart from dolloping it on a Lucy's homemade scone with jam…….if you really need an excuse!

Add to, quiches, risottos, sauces, soups. Use it to brighten up your swede, mash potato or rice pudding. Use it in the icing on cakes or in homemade ice creams and Eton Mess. Toppings on pancakes, meringues, brownies, mince pies, fruit salads milkshakes and smoothies. Add to truffles, fudge and real custard.

Most recipes can be altered substituting the milk or fat with Clotted Cream or of course you can just eat it straight out of the tub by the spoonful.

Here are a few of my favourite recipes, if you happen to have some cream left over!

All recipes are based on ingredients for four people, unless otherwise stated.

Try Lucy’s delicious “tried and tested” recipes.