Lucy launched Lucy’s when she discovered no one in Cape Town was offering a ‘pukka’ Traditional English Cream Tea (Decadent Scones that don’t overpower your plate, homemade jam with no lumps which you know exactly what has gone into it and Clotted Cream as it is made back in the West of England.)

‘I could up sell myself and tell you I’ve been a chef for years. The truth being I studied three dimensional  design, which led me to lecture in this field. Technology overtook me and I soon realised I needed to be back working in industry to maintain a high standard of up to date knowledge for lecturing. A career break brought me to South Africa back in 2007 for 6 months and here I am still.   I have a passion for design, architecture, cooking, most things outdoors and the finer things in life (some of which happen to be very English) I love to share momentous things with the people around me. Taste a Lucy’s Cream tea and the explanation will be complete.’