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When you purchase a genuine homemade Cream Tea from Lucy’s, all ingredients are sourced locally where possible with no additives or preservatives in the products. The cream comes from a herd of particularly content Jersey cows who roam freely in the beautiful Dassiehoek Valley, near Robertson.
If this is your first Cream Tea, don’t be surprised by the ‘Clotted Cream’s’ treacle consistency, yellow colour and thick crust, very different to the best of double creams. These are the three tell-tale signs of genuine ‘Clotted Cream’ which is achieved by heating the high-fat cream from Jersey breed cows, allowing the cream to float to the top and clot!.
There are two regional variations to a genuine English Cream Tea. If you cut your scone and spread the cream first followed by the jam, you are eating it the devonshire.  If you spread the jam first, then the cream you are eating it the cornish.




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Lucy launched Lucy’s when she discovered no one in Cape Town was offering a ‘pukka’ Traditional English Cream Tea (Decadent Scones that don’t overpower your plate, homemade jam with no lumps which you know exactly what has gone into it and Clotted Cream as it is made back in the West of England.)


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